Do you really want to propel your life forward? How long have you longed for progress, but have been suctioned in the mud? Like most, you figure you can do this on your own. You’re strong and smart, right?

Have you ever considered having someone in your life to actually help you see your blind spots? How about having that one person who can help you see clearly as well as guide you forward onto your path of greatness?

Jennifer is the real deal. She always knows what questions to ask in order to open your field of vision. She cuts through the smoke and leaves you with substance. She is known in her community as a connector and a go to person about money matters. Not only does she have the education to help you, but she also has the life experience to back it up.

Jennifer is forever upgrading her skills and knowledge and takes action in pushing her own boundaries on a daily basis.

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“Jennifer is a passionate coach who isn’t afraid to kick your butt when you need it. I have been vacilating in many areas in my life and she helped me gain clarity through life examples. The puzzle pieces started falling into place. I feel alive, excited and hopeful for the future once again. She connected me with a few people and instead of procrastinating I took immediate action and reached out to them. That is Huge for me. Thank you Jennifer for the Authentic Heart Connection.”
Marilyn M
“Jennifer is an inspiring and passionate coach who facilitates big picture vision and taking action. One of her great strengths, finances, hardly hold any secret for her anymore. She aspires to help women to live an extraordinary life through financial freedom. She helps women to see finances in a simple and an efficient manner, a subject many have little interest for and yet is so important. She is currently the coach that is pushing me to reach my full potential. She guides me and helps me reach my objectives in many different areas of my life, particularly my finances. Jennifer is an exceptional coach who is ready to leave her mark on this Earth.”
Isabelle P


When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.

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